Death Doula Services in Greater Denver, CO


Death Doula services can provide emotional, psychological, and spiritual support through end-of-life, as well as a practical resource for learning about the many different death care options available. Let’s create a custom plan for your end-of-life journey, or learn how to provide support for a loved one experiencing end-of-life. Every client has a unique situation and I work with each individual and family in order to facilitate their needs and wishes for the end-of-life process. Is there a favorite place in nature that you wish to visit before you pass? Do you want your natural death to occur in an outdoor environment like your backyard or garden? Is it important for you to connect with nature from an indoor setting? Who do you want to be present while you are in the transition process? We’ll go over these questions and more in a free consultation. We will discuss advance care planning, vigil planning, and legacy trip or project planning and begin answering the questions of how, where, and who you want to be present when you pass. We’ll discuss what’s been important to you in your life – family, school, work, as well as what you want to be remembered for. We’ll also go over resources for putting together any necessary legal documents to ensure that your wishes are honored.

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