Veronica (V) Wiley

MBA, CDP, E-RYT, YACEP (they/them)

V was born and raised in Denver, CO and serves the community in various ways as a caregiver, healer, educator, and community organizer. With degrees in music and business, certificates in yoga instruction, end-of-life doula care, dementia care, nature therapy, akashic records reading, and over a decade of experience facilitating classes and sessions, V has a multitude of expertise to draw from in serving individual and community needs. A strong background in the arts and humanities combined with an empathic nature enables V to meet people where they are from both a trauma-informed and culturally informed perspective. Passionate about the environment and more-than-human world, V is committed to educating and supporting folks through environmental and social sustainability projects, including working through unacknowledged, collective grief. V is a proud member of the Colorado End-of-Life Collaborative, a 501c (6) nonprofit organization that brings together end-of-life doulas and other resources for end-of-life care.

Vision &  Mission

“To transform perceptions and experiences of dying by facilitating conversations, activities, & practices that embrace human death as a part of nature through the incorporation of death doula services, ecotherapy, and yogic teachings while promoting equitable access to quality end-of-life and death care.”



What is a death doula?

A death, Doula is someone who provides physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support before, during, and after the natural dying process.


What’s the difference between working with a death doula and being on hospice?

A Death Doula is someone who can provide support to anyone at any point in their journey, whether they have a terminal diagnosis or not, similar to palliative care. Hospice is specifically for people who have a terminal diagnosis and a prognosis of six months or less to live death. Doula’s often work in coordination with hospice to provide additional support when hospice can’t be present. Death Doula’s also provide education about end of life and disposition options. My practice also includes support for dementia care, and grief.


What is yoga?

Unlike what most people think of as yoga, which is primarily limited to physical postures, Yoga is actually an ethical theory and philosophical tradition from South Asia. My practice focuses on including the philosophical teachings as well as physical poses, breath techniques, and meditation techniques aimed at supporting people through grief, death anxiety, and mortality contemplation.


What is Ecotherapy?

Ecotherapy is based off of the principles and theory of Ecopsychology, which proposes that as human beings, our well-being, is intrinsically linked to the planet’s overall well-being. A significant portion of a ecotherapy is dedicated to healing, the perceived separation between nature and the human psyche.


What is corpse pose yoga?

Corpse pose yoga is a series of yoga workshops, utilizing yoga postures, breath techniques, meditation, and the philosophical tradition of yoga, to assist with grief, death anxiety, and mortality contemplation. These workshops are usually conducted in places where death is visible, such as cemeteries, burial preserves, cremation gardens, or Memorial parks.

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